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Thursday March 25/10 playlist

  1. Dee Edwards – Why Can’t THere Be Love? (see  Adidas commercial featuring song here)
  2. Souljazz Orchestra – Negus Negast
  3. Whitefield Bros – Pamukkale
  4. Mulatu Astatke – Soul Power
  5. Tommy T – The Eighth Wonder
  6. Wesli – Sa Yo Fe
  7. Alpha Yaya Diallo – M’ma Love
  8. Hugh Masakela & Hedzoleh SOunds – When
  9. Joy Nwoso & Dan Satch – Egwo Umu Agbogbo (Nigeria Special Vol 2)
  10. Beats on Canvas – La Jocanda et Ses Trois Fantomes
  11. Galactic feat. Walter Wolfman Washington – Speaks His Mind
  12. RJD2 – Let There Be Horns
  13. DJ Shadow – Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain

March 11 podcast (Toronto Grooves) now available

KC Roberts and the Live Revolution

The March 11 edition (Toronto Grooves) of MoMM featuring an interview with Toronto’s KC Roberts is now available as a podcast.  Check here for tracklist and episode information.Download podcast here

Toronto Grooves Special March 11

Elizabeth Shepherd

After a brief one week hiatus, the Music of My Mind (MoMM) returns with a 90 minute special today (5:00-6:30 PST) on Toronto and all that grooves there. The funky drummer, Groovin’ Reuven Sussman, will join me as co-host today and will share some music he acquired on a recent trip to his hometown. Known across Canada as the centre of the music industry in this country, we will dig a little deeper to uncover some of the treasure trove of great music coming out of the T-Dot today, from afrobeat and funk to jazz and hip-hop and everything in between. We will also speak to KC Roberts from KC Roberts and the Live Revolution, one of the freshest funk fusion bands  in Toronto. KC will break down the funk and groove music scene in T.O.for us and also tell us about some of the successes and struggles a unique band like KC Roberts and the Live Revolution have endured over the past few years. Music from the likes of Abdominal, KC Roberts, The Breakdown, Souljazz Orchestra, Elizabeth Shepherd, The Residents and much more will be featured on today’s edition of MoMM. See the playlist for more info and links below:

  1. Abdominal feat. Notes to Self – T-Ode
  2. Peter Project – Turn It Down
  3. The Residents feat. Shad K. – What We’ve Got
  4. Kamau – Love It Here
  5. The Breakdown – 1000 Fires
  6. Elizabeth Shepherd – The Taking
  7. Souljazz Orchestra – Consecration
  8. The Sauce – Risk It For A Biscuit
  9. KC Roberts and the Live Revolution – Far Away
  10. KC Roberts live phone interview
  11. KC Roberts and the Live Revolution – The Road To Dar Es Salaam