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Thursday Jan 27/11 playlist

  1. No Luck Club – What is Pop Music
  2. DJ Brace – NH12
  3. DJ Brace – NH15
  4. DJ Brace – NH25
  5. Igor Boxx – Alarm
  6. Keith Kanga – Butterfly version 2 (PSYCH FUNK SA-RE-GA (PSYCHEDELIC FUNK IN INDIA 1970-1983)
  7. Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat(PSYCH FUNK SA-RE-GA (PSYCHEDELIC FUNK IN INDIA 1970-1983)
  8. Kabanjak – I am a Tree
  9. RjD2 – 1976
  10. Dj Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
  11. Steinski – It’s Up To You
  12. Lack of Afro – Touch My SOul

DJ Brace Interview on Thursday’s Music of My Mind

On Thursday’s edition of the Music of My Mind (5:00-6:30PM), we will profile and interview Montreal’s DJ Brace. Brace was the 2009 Juno Award winner for Instrumental Album of the Year for 2008’s The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania. He’s back with his Electric Nosehair Orchestra on his new album Synesthasia along with his own record label, Nostomania. DJ Brace has become one of the most innovative beatsmiths in the Canada over the past few years and his compositions are a vast landscape of incredible soundscapes, in which the music speaks quite literally for itself. Tune in to find out his perspective on instrumental music, working with emcees, sampling and the sudden decline in the sales of electric nose hair trimmers…

Thursday January 20/11

WORLD DRUMS : A Celebration of Rhythm – January 22 @ McPherson Playhouse

Featuring international guests: Giovanni Hidalgo the world’s most famous conga player, Kinobe young and talented singer, percussionist and kora player from Uganda, East Africa, Adama Zon, member of the praise singing caste of musicians from Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Local talent: Victoria Percussion Orchestra, and Hand Drums Rhythms. The show features over 70 performers on stage with many different styles of world music, song and percussion and stringed instruments.

  1. Curtis Mayfield – Sweet Exorcist
  2. Sly and the Family Stone – Wishful Thinking
  3. Quim Manuel O Esperito Santo – Eme Lelu (Angola Soundtrack)
  4. Os Korimbas – Semba Braguez (Angola Soundtrack)
  5. Blo – Blo
  6. Joe Mensah – Cry Laughter
  7. Giovanni Hidalgo – My Soul Best
  8. Kinobe and Soul Beat Africa – Njagala Kuddayo
  9. Afro Soul-tet – Afro Revolt
  10. Five Alarm Funk – Broadway
  11. Alboa – Samba and GOodnight
  12. RJD2 – Daytrotter Mix

Thursday Jan 13/11 playlist

  1. Good Time Charlie – Whoop It On Me (Wasa Wasa / Fabulous Rhythm’n’Blues Shakers on the Dancefloor)
  2. Jimmy Soul – Everybody’s GOnna Ape (Wasa Wasa / Fabulous Rhythm’n’Blues Shakers on the Dancefloor)
  3. War – Four Cornered Room
  4. Onuma Singsiri – Mae Kha Som Tam
  5. Tony Cook feat. DAM Funk – What’s on Your Mind (Back to Reality)
  6. Orgone – THe Only One
  7. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 – White Lines
  8. KC Roberts and the Live Revolution – The Road to Dar Es Salaam
  9. Original Cast of Fela! – Teacher
  10. Hilario Duran Trio – El Manisero
  11. Tommy Guerrero – Abiento
  12. Kabanjak – The Man Who Spoke Flames
  13. Jeru the Damaja – Jungle Music
  14. Ghostface feat. GZA/Killah Priest – Purified Thoughts

Thursday Jan 6/11 playlist

  1. Major Lance – The Monkey Time (Okeh Soul)
  2. Walter Jackson – It’s All Over (Okeh Soul)
  3. Darondo – Such A Night
  4. Stevie Wonder – Love Having You Around
  5. Diplomats of Solid Sound – Fascination
  6. EMEFE – Sneaky
  7. Femi Kuti – E No Good
  8. Mr. Something Something – Invitation
  9. Shawn Lee – Flight of The Bumblebee
  10. Morbin – Progressive Homecoming
  11. Calibro 35 – Counselor of Crime
  12. Big Boi Vs. The Black Keys – Backup Pistol (Mashup by Wickit the Investigator
  13. Mcenroe and Birdapres – 5000 Watts
  14. Biz Markie – Just Rhymin with Biz